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Cases Dismissed in First Instance

Dahmwoo Law Group is specialized in appeal cases dismissed in first instance.

Cases Dismissed in First Instance

Parties receiving judgment of dismissal or guilty in first stance may appeal to a higher court.
However, success rate of appealing case in Korea is less than 10%.

Considering the success rate, there is no meaning of merely repeating original argument in appellate court. Instead, close examination on pleadings and decisions with creative thinking is required to figure out the core legal principle which had not been revealed in the first instance. Lawyer’s skills in practice and discoveries of additional evidences are always the key to make such difference. This can be achieved by lawyer’s concentration and effort in the case because parties are often pressed for time to submit a ground of appeal within the deadline.

Because of excellent evaluation skills in complicated dispute and deep knowledge in laws, Dahmwoo Law Group is selected numerously as examiner of Korean Bar Exam from Ministry of Justice. Dahmwoo Law Group promises to have lawyers with skill and experience from top premier law firm and major companies directly handle cases dismissed in first instance.

Dahmwoo Law Group will use best resources and efforts to reverse the original court’s decision of dismissal or guilty.


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