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Introduce the core value of Dahmwoo Law Group


In Dahmwoo Law Group, senior and junior partners directly handle cases from start to finish. From this, clients receive our highest accoutability and satisfying level of legal service equal to standard top premier law firms, which is the core philosophy of Dahmwoo Law Group: Providing clients with utmost reputable service.

Cost Efficiency

Dahmwoo Law Group can provide clients with most cost-effective means and straightforward solutions to resolve dispute from advisory step to litigation procedure. The clients can expect efficacious results with less cost from partners with abundant experiences in Dahmwoo Law Group.


Dahmwoo Law Group’s model is to put our clients first. We, as legal professionals, always consider reasonable limit of the firm’s capacity for pending cases. Dahmwoo Law Group is always ready to actively discuss matters with clients and shares information and knowledge to clients to help them make important decisions while providing best solutions.


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