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Corporate Bankruptcy

We provide optimal legal service with expertise and experience in field of bankruptcy including but not limited to Corporate Restructuring, Bankruptcy, Rehabilitation and Corporate M&A.

Corporate Bankruptcy

Corporate insolvency procedure and corporate restructuring procedure are necessary
legal steps for concerned parties including companies under management crisis and major creditors.

However, compared to civil and commercial laws, insolvency law is consisted of unique legal principle and procedure requiring high degree of expertise. To provide efficient response to insolvency procedures including judgment in claim allowance proceedings, litigation of avoidance and appeal against the rehabilitation court’s decision, clients need lawyers with extensive experience and practical knowledge of insolvency law.

Dahmwoo Law Group accumulated expertise and fame from handling and advising rehabilitation, corporate restructuring, bankruptcy and workout procedure of various major companies in Korea. Especially, Corporate Bankruptcy Specialized Team of Dahmwoo Law Group is led by Senior Partner D. W. Kim, currently acting as a Receiver appointed by Seoul Rehabilitation Court, ready to advise with knowledge and know-how regarding current practices and tendencies of rehabilitation courts.

Even though it is becoming harder for companies to receive the court’s declaration of bankruptcy in Korea, Dahmwoo Law Group is ready to provide necessary means for clients to receive appropriate decisions. We promise to provide best legal services for the clients in need of assistance in not only bankruptcy procedure but also civil and criminal cases.

Particularly, Dahmwoo Law Group is specialized to provide legal service for companies in need of bankruptcy declaration when debts are greatly excessing assets making business hard to pursue further.


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