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Capital Market / Finance

Providing advice with understanding and experience of relevant laws concerning capital market and appropriate measure for investigation / litigation

Capital Market / Finance

Lawyers of Dahmwoo Law Group have extensive experiences of acting on behalf of various
asset management companies in business of asset management and stock exchange. We have successfully concluded numerous M&A deals domestically and internationally.

With exhaustive knowledge and analysis in capital market related laws, Dahmwoo Law Group sustains close cooperation with financial authorities to provide customized legal service to clients including private equity fund and companies. We are here to provide legal interpretation and practical expertise in swift and efficient manner on numerous transactions in CAPITAL MARKET including but not limited to establishment and management of collective investment business, management of asset, transaction of stocks, investment and investigation by financial supervisory authorities and prosecutors in violation of Capital Market Act.

Also, Dahmwoo Law Group has various successful cases in litigations such as representative suit by shareholders to seek damage claim for director’s poor management of the company, revocation or nullify litigation against general meetings of shareholders, nullify litigation of issue of new stocks, injunction to browse and copy account book to prevent damage or monitor director’s management condition, injunction against illegal acts, injunction for suspension of director’s performances, injunction to prevent exercise of shareholder’s rights, injunction to prevent disposal of stocks.


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