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Providing general legal services in corporate business and highly focused in business of energy and communication

General Corporate/Energy

From the beginning, Dahmwoo Law Group has been providing swift, creative and accurate
legal service to major domestic and international companies.

As result, Dahmwoo Law Group holds capacity to provide high level service to companies in diverse industries governed by different laws.

Consisted of lawyers with long-term experience as corporate counsels in major companies, Dahmwoo Law Group provides satisfying service to company clients and always bring out best and efficient solutions by critical thinking. Also, Dahmwoo Law Group has partnership with prominent international law firms to work together to provide exceptional service.

By providing regular advices to Korean Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO), KT Corporation, KEPCO Solar Corporation and Korea Offshore Wind Power Corporation, Dahmwoo Law Group is an expert for legal service that concerns with special laws and regulations including energy and communication business.


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