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Dahmwoo Law Group provides legal service to family and inheritance matters
(including company succession), reserve claim, inheritance recovery, divorce, property division which are normally not handled by large law firms. We offer appropriate solutions to prevent further disputes between parties and all-in-one services in family and inheritance matters. Dahmwoo Law Group ensures to protect privacy and confidential of the clients.

Unlike general civil litigations, unique legal principles are often applied to family and inheritance disputes. Also, application of exclusion period often require parties to resolve disputes in swift manner. However, this might not be the case when foreign laws to be applied due to other party’s nationality and residency. Also, lawyers need to be concerned about organizing the claims in economic perspective permitted under the relevant laws for benefit of the clients since different tax rates could be applied for each claim.

Dahmwoo Law Group has experience in handling inheritance, divorce and property division litigations of chaebol. With such experience, Dahmwoo Law Group promises to provide finest solution on family and inheritance matters to the clients.


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